Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev: If necessary, we will equip a hospital only for coronavirus, there are still spare beds


If necessary, we will equip a hospital only for coronavirus, there are still spare beds. This was said by the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev to BNT.

“The balance of the coronavirus is not bad. Compared to the beginning of the pandemic, things are very different in the number of beds that can accommodate the sick. There are already about 850 patients and nowhere do we refuse to admit patients to hospital. Beyond material things – where what is lacking and in what condition is the base, if in such moments you do not prove that your son is your place and you do what you have to do, there is no other time. The problem is huge and everyone has to fulfill their obligations, “Kunchev said.

“We are looking for volunteers for all RHIs in the country. After the first wave of empathy, there are now almost none. The system is difficult, but there are no refusals to admit patients. The problem is that the coronavirus is very unevenly distributed. In many districts such as Blagoevgrad, where we have nearly 100 infected, there are 2-3 districts such as Montana and Vratsa, where not a single one is infected. The system will work, but it does not help the most affected areas such as Varna, Pazardzhik, Smolyan and Blagoevgrad, “he added.

“No one will stay on the street. If necessary, we will equip a hospital for coronavirus only. The problem is rather a shortage of staff. It is considered as a situation in which there will be nowhere else to accommodate the infected. There are still spare beds. The capacity is 50% full, but the reserve is not in all places. If there are enough people to be admitted, such a hospital will be built. This is the final option and it is good to have preparedness, “Kunchev said.

“No one can say what awaits us. I also follow the leading centers in other countries and there are no forecasts. The WHO recognizes that predictions should not be made because there is no scientific basis.
We must be prepared. Charter flights, for example, decreased by 80-90%. If tourists are positive, they usually go to the country they come from. We organize the transfer of tourists. Almost every day we organize a transfer of Romanian tourists from Greece to the Danube Bridge border checkpoint.
It sounds normal to have reciprocal measures, but when there are more cases in one country than in another, the local government can decide to make decisions, “he added.

“The trend shows that in the last week we have a decrease of 20% for Bulgaria and an increase of 162% for Greece. The wave in the Balkans has calmed down a bit, but continues to grow in Western European countries. Our highest position was 3rd place in the EU, but now we are around 5th – 6th place. The increase has started in other countries, “he said.

“The measures are not being followed and this has led to a stronger increase in cases. Fines will not help. There is no control system that is everywhere and sees everything, and it is very difficult to allocate a resource to do that. There are many fines that have been imposed, but that does not change things. People do not observe basic measures, “Kunchev added.

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