Angel Kunchev: The wave of coronavirus in the Balkans has subsided


In the last few days there has been a high mortality from COVID 19 in our country. What is the situation in the country commented the Chief State Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev.

“Things are radically different compared to the beginning of the pandemic, there are nearly 850 people in hospital and we have no refusal anywhere,” the specialist explained to BNT.

According to him, the coronavirus develops unevenly.

“While in Blagoevgrad we have 100 new infected yesterday, we have areas where we do not have any, the system as a whole will cope. If necessary, no one will stay on the street. The problem is not so much in the beds as in the staff,” Kunchev stressed. . He added that a whole new hospital is being considered only in a situation where there are no places to stay.

The fact is that charter flights decreased by 80-90%. For foreign tourists who come to our country, if they are positive, go to the country of origin, we organize the transfer. Almost every day we organize a transfer of Romanian tourists from Greece across the Danube bridge, said Kunchev.

At the moment, the wave of COVID-19 in the Balkans has calmed down a bit, it continues to grow in Western European countries, said the associate professor.

The measures in our country are not observed and this is the thing that led to a more powerful increase in cases. Fines will not help. There is no control system that can see everything, Kunchev commented. People psychologically accepted that the coronavirus is not such a problem and do not follow basic measures, Kunchev stressed.

As an epidemiologist, I will say that there should be no audience in stadiums, just as nightclubs should not work and there should be no festivals. But you also see the collapse of the business and the need for help. There must be a balance. In my opinion, it is better as a doctor not to allow such huge masses to gather in one place, Kunchev added.

If there is no dramatic deterioration in the situation, students should go to school in the normal way. Many measures are being taken for schools. Most countries in Europe believe that the normal school process should not be interrupted. But there is more than a month until that time and things can change, Kunchev said.

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