Amsterdam UMC finds antibodies against coronavirus in breast milk | Inland


Researchers are now going to see whether the milk can be used to prevent corona infections, for example in vulnerable groups such as the elderly, during a possible second wave.

The antibodies are still present after heating the milk (pasteurization). This is important because breast milk cannot be used by other people until after pasteurization. It remains to be seen whether breast milk is indeed effective as a preventive treatment method against the corona virus. Then the breast milk may be used for risk groups should a second corona wave occur.

“We think that after drinking the milk, the antibodies attach themselves to the surface of our mucous membranes. There they attack the virus particles before they enter the body, ”says Hans van Goudoever, head of Emma Children’s Hospital.

Donation campaign

Emma Children’s Hospital starts a campaign to recruit a thousand women who want to donate breast milk. These women are asked to pump 100 milliliters for the Breastmilk Bank.

The research is a collaboration of the Experimental Virology department of Amsterdam UMC with the Dutch Mother Milk Bank, Wageningen Research & Development, University of Utrecht, Sanquin and Viroclinics.

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