A Turkish drone has killed two Iraqi commanders


Two seniors Iraqi army officers killedA Turkish drone attack in the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq, where Ankara has been carrying out attacks on Kurdish rebel positions for weeks, Reuters reported.

They are on impact kill two battalion commanders from border troops and the driver of their car, an army statement said.

For the first time servicemen from the regular Iraqi army were killedsince Turkey launched ground and air operations against the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq in mid-June.

Iraq has called twice the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad, to express his protest against Ankara’s operations on Iraqi territory.

The drone attacked the Iraqis border commanders while meeting with PKK fighters.

Witnesses reported clashes earlier in the day between the PKK and Iraqi forces. Local sources have clarified that the Turkish drone is struck an emergency meeting to reduce tension.

At least five civilians have been killed since the start of the Turkish campaign.

Ankara announced that two Turkish soldiers were killed, and the PKK and its allies confirmed 10 fighters killed.

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