A doctor from St. Panteleimon Hospital is among the new ones infected with coronavirus – News


The medical headquarters in Plovdiv is ready and if necessary another hospital will be included in the schedule for admission of patients from Covid-19, assured the regional governor Dani Kanazireva.

She specified that out of all 224 beds for treatment of coronavirus in the district, 89 are free – they are in all hospitals, including the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the University Hospital “St. George. Of the 45 beds designated for intensive care, only 3 are currently occupied and there are two intubated patients.

“At the moment there is no reason to worry, but the situation is changing rapidly and the wards are busy. The doctors are doing their best. I am extremely grateful for the solidarity between the hospitals in Plovdiv “, the regional governor pointed out and added that the schedule with the seconded teams in the intensive care unit of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of St. George Hospital is observed.

Among the newly registered cases of infection during the past 2 days there is a doctor from the hospital “St. Panteleimon “- a 52-year-old woman who is receiving home treatment. All measures have been taken and her contacts have been investigated.

Of all the confirmed cases, again most are from Plovdiv – 39, and the rest are from the municipalities – Maritsa – 3, Karlovo, Kaloyanovo and Saedinenie one each.

Thus, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Plovdiv and the region to date is 969. 433 of them have recovered, and for the last two days there are 33.

At home treatment for 401 people, and under quarantine 586. The hospitalized patients for the past 48 hours are 9, all in satisfactory condition

According to hospital data, the total number of hospitalized patients was 134, of which 108 were confirmed positive for Covid-19.

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