A Bulgarian woman died of coronavirus in Greece days after entering the country


A 65-year-old Bulgarian woman from Yambol died of COVID-19 in Greece. The son of the deceased has not had a relationship with his mother for days. He last heard from her last Tuesday.

“She called me and said that she was being placed with her husband, who is a Greek citizen in the COVID 19 ward, and that she would call me in two days. I haven’t had a relationship with her since. Her phone rings, but I have no contact, “said the man, who is an operative in the police in Yambol.

After an investigation and with the assistance of a Bulgarian doctor in Athens, it became clear that the woman had died, Trud reports.

According to the son of the deceased, his mother was a guest in Bulgaria for about a month and on July 14 she left by bus of Union-Ivkoni for Greece with the necessary negative PCR test.

Days later, on July 27, the woman was hospitalized and died on August 2.

The family is shocked by the news of the sudden illness and death of the Bulgarian woman.

The woman’s body is in a refrigerator until the arrival of her relatives from Bulgaria to prepare the relevant documentation.

Greek authorities have denied information on the condition of the deceased’s husband and whether he is alive.

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