A Bulgarian company was allowed to buy Class Oil from the Turkish owners


The head office of the Turkish Oil Class is located in Dobrich.

The CPC allowed the Bulgarian grain trader Magic Flame to acquire Class Oil.

The owners of the oil producer Kenan and Mert Yilmaz will sell 100% of the shares – a total of BGN 500 worth BGN 100 each, so the price of the deal is BGN 50,000. Separately, Magic Flame, owned by Eduard Baghdasaryan, will be acquired by the company. , exporting “Class Oil” – “Kabakum Group Export-Import”. The price is BGN 5,000 – 50 shares of BGN 100 each.

According to the CPC, the deal could lead to a partial horizontal overlap in the markets for eco-briquettes and sunflower chips, as both companies produce them. However, this would not distort competition.

It is also clear from the decision of the CPC that Baghdasaryan also owns the company Agro Ve for production and trade in agricultural products of plant and animal origin. Agro Ve and Magic Flame share ownership of Eurocorn, which also trades in grain.

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