3 ways to find out you have an asymptomatic coronavirus


Some people get the coronavirus and don’t even know about it. It is already clear that they are asymptomatic carriers of the infection and much more dangerous for those around them, because they do not even suspect that they have to take care of themselves.

Scientists have already revealed the signs on which you can understand that you suffer from a coronavirus infection, without really having a fever and cough.

According to experts, 20% of people in the world do not know that they have a coronavirus, but simply spread the infection on a daily basis. Scientists reveal that there are three signs that will help you understand whether COVID-19 really does not exist in you again.

3 symptoms that indicate that we have COVID – 19

– Loss of smell

– Lyk konyuktivitis

– Stomach pain

These are the three main signs that all asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus have. With them comes the constant onset of fatigue.

For your safety, and for those around you, the best option is to wear a mask, especially when you are talking to someone or you are indoors. Use disinfectants and keep a social distance, at least as far as possible.

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