24 clubs in the playoffs? Champion Trotz would like to keep the new system for future seasons


It is with the New York Islanders who seek the scalp of the Florida Panthers. It is a step away from advancing among the top eight of the Eastern Conference. Surely the idea of ​​how to achieve a decisive victory is in his head. Even so, Barry Trotz manages to think, for example, about the current format of the extended play-off, in which 24 NHL clubs are fighting. A system that arose out of necessity as a virtue, a respected coach would like to maintain.

When Trotz speaks, people listen.

The thoughtful American has gained a strong reputation in the NHL.

He has twice won the Jack Adams Award for Best Coach, tamed Alex Ovechkin, won the Stanley Cup. This is his career, which counts over 800 wins, in short.

When he exchanged a few words with Andrew Gross from Newsday on Thursday, he also paused over the new playoff format. He likes it and believes that the league will think of it as a long-term solution.

24 clubs in the game, 7 (from 2021 it will be 8) clubs on vacation. In other words, only Thursday of the competition and thus the market out of the game. From an economic point of view, the NHL must certainly like such a situation.

But Trotz is looking for more sporty reasons why it’s nice when more clubs are aiming for the Stanley Cup. “I think the league is tremendously trampled and tight. During my tenure, the NHL has grown and leveled off a lot. Management should carefully consider staying with the new playoff format.”

The NHL has used the 16-club system since 1980, when the elite hockey society had a total of 21 members. He will soon have 11 more, while elimination fights have not spread until the coronavirus crisis.

“I think the NHL will definitely think about whether it would not be better to go to the playoffs with 24 clubs permanently. I’m a supporter of that,” Trotz added.

The question is whether it would also be worth considering to stretch the “preliminary round” on the four winning swords. However, the trip to the Stanley Cup would potentially lead to 20 wins for 16 clubs. Historically, eight trumps were enough.

That’s exactly the octopus’s tentacles, and that’s exactly why the peculiar tradition of the Detroit Red Wings was born. But about that again.

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