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The Dallas Mavericks’ first two games after the resumption of the regular season turned out to be tense, but not with a favorable ending – they failed both the Houston Rockets (149: 153) and the Phoenix Dog (115: 117). Porziņģis had stood out in both matches with at least 30 points, but the Mavericks, despite their losses, had already secured a place in the playoffs for the first time since 2015/16. annual seasons. Two losses in both previous games were also played by tonight’s opponents Kings, who gave way to San Antonio Spurs (120: 129) and Orlando Magic (116: 132) respectively. As a result, both teams were hungry for the first victory.

Sacramento Kings stood out with much better accuracy in the first quarter, hitting nine of the sixteen long-range shots, while the Mavericks were able to throw just one of six throws from a distance taken by Three Berk. This resulted in Dallas coming in at the start of the game with 27:37. In the second quarter, the team coached by Rick Carlisle started the chase, reducing the deficit to four points – 56:60 – until the break. Porziņģis scored 14 points in the first half, but Dončičs was the most productive in the “Mavericks” team with 18 points and four assists.

In the third quarter, Dallas scored only 19 points (by the way, as much as in the previous game against the Dog), but worked well enough in defense, allowing opponents to score 22 points. Thus, 12 minutes before the end of the regular time, the “Kings” team had a seven-point advantage – 82:75. In the last quarter, Porziņģis, Dončičs and Dorian Finijs-Smiths stood out with their results in the last quarter, but they did not manage to gain the lead until the end of the regular time. In the last two and a half minutes, Tim Hardhard Jr. scored a long shot at the result 91:95, but Max Klie threw one of the two free throws, equalizing the result. In the last attacks, both teams were close to winning, but in both baskets the ball reluctantly jumped down the hoop and didn’t fall into the basket, which meant extra time.

In the extension of the game, where Porziņģis could not take part, both Hardhard junior, Dončič and Finijs-Smith scored important points, but the Mavericks, again in a tense match, won their first victory in the official game “Disney World” – 114: 110. Slovenian Luka Dončič was again the most productive player in the “Mavericks” team, standing out with 34 points, 20 (!) Rebounds, 11 assists and thus earning the 16th “triple-double” this season. Tim Hardhard Juniors also added 22 points. Meanwhile, De’Aaron Fox scored 28 points in favor of the Kings, but Neman Bjelica stood out with the double-double (12 + 13). The poor accuracy of the Mavericks from a long distance (9/41 or 22%) should also be mentioned, despite which they were still successful.

Kristaps Porziņģis scored 22 points in 27:21 minutes (10/11 free throws, 6/11 two-point throws, 0/7 long shots), seven rebounds (three in attack), two assists, two intercepted balls, three errors, six personal notes , as well as a negative +/- indicator -5. It should be mentioned that this time he failed to block any opponents’ shots.

The next game of the Dallas “Mavericks” will take place on August 7 at 01:30 Latvian time, meeting with a possible first-round opponent of the Los Angeles Clippers (45-21).

NBA Games 4./5. in August

The gameThe result
Bucks – Nets116:119
Kings – Mavericks110: 114 OT
Clippers – Suns23:00
Pacers – Magic1:00
Heat – Celtics1:30
Trail Blazers – Rockets4:00

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