134 newly infected with coronavirus in our country and 96 cured during the last 24 hours


5180 are active cases of coronavirus infection in Bulgaria

09:08 | August 9, 2020
Updated: 09:11 | August 9, 2020

Nikoleta Rilska

Photo: Mauricio Palos / Bloomberg

134 are the new cases of coronavirus infection in our country during the last 24 hours during 3612 PCR tests, it is clear from the data of the Unified Information Portal.

Thus, the total number of confirmed cases by us reaches 13343, and 5180 of them are active.

848 patients with coronavirus were hospitalized, 55 of them in intensive care units.

The cured for the last day are 96.

Three people died, and the victims of the disease in our country are 445.

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