123,503 cases, 79,306 recovered, 5,658 died


ILLUSTRATION. The Duren Sawit District Health Center medical team provides rapid test services for residents who live in Sumur Village, East Jakarta, Tuesday (4/8). This rapid test was conducted to detect the spread of Covid-19 in these densely populated settlements. KONTAN / Fra

Reporter: Tendi Mahadi | Editor: Tendi Mahadi

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The government again delivered update the number of positive cases of the corona virus (Covid-19) in Indonesia. The number of new positive cases of corona is still increasing.

Data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force via the Covid19.go.id website, update Until Saturday (8/8) there were an additional 2,277 new cases of corona infection in Indonesia, bringing the total to 123,503 positive cases.

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Meanwhile, the number who recovered increased by 1,749 people to 79,306 people.

On the other hand, there are 38,539 coronavirus patients who are under treatment, which is the equivalent of 31.2% of confirmed cases.

On the other hand, there are now 83,624 suspected cases of corona in Indonesia.

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Meanwhile, the number who died due to the corona virus in Indonesia increased by 65 to 5,658 people.

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