While Greece sifts the Bulgarians with PCR tests of the “Tower”, something scandalous is happening on the “Makaza”


The Makaza-Nymphaea border checkpoint is banned for tourist trips due to the upward trend in the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria, but Greeks continue to come to Kirkovo and Kardzhali to buy cheap goods and refuel cars at reasonable prices. This is shown by the official data of the Greek authorities, quoted by the media in Northern Greece.

Between 1 and 13 July, 6,055 Greek citizens passed through Makaza in Bulgaria. In the same period, 5,511 Greek citizens crossed in the opposite direction.Meanwhile, publications in O Chronos have made it clear that local authorities and business associations continue to push for the opening of the Makaza-Nymphaea border checkpoint for tourists.

At this stage, the government in Athens responds that it recognizes the importance of Makaza-Nymphaea for the economy and tourism in northern Greece, but leading the decision is the conclusion of the health authorities, who note the increasing number of coronavirus infections in Bulgaria.

The locals hope that Makaza will be open to tourists after July 29, albeit with a mandatory PCR test.

Those coming to Kirkovo, Kardzhali and other settlements near the border are not worried about the cases of COVID-19, 24rodopi.com notes.

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