What does Merkel say to Borissov and in what language does he respond?


Merkel points to Borisov’s face …
Source: Politico

What do you think Angela Merkel is saying to Boyko Borissov. This question was asked to its readers by the American edition “Politico”. The photo shows the German Chancellor pointing a finger at the Bulgarian Prime Minister’s face during the extraordinary European Council in Brussels. Merkel had a birthday that day.

In turn, Prime Minister Borissov announced on Facebook that he had given Merkel a silver cup of rose oil. He also wished success to the German Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Politico is published five times a week when the US Congress is in session. 40,000 are distributed free of charge in Washington and Manhattan. Politico has partnered with several of the world’s largest news agencies. The media is believed to be close to the US Congress and the Central Intelligence Agency. The publication regularly covers the work of the EU and the EC, as well as important ones related to Europe. He has a great influence in the political and business circles.

A few days ago, Politico published an article saying: “The big former firefighter and karate champion is fighting for political survival in a corruption crisis, multi-headed like Hydra, which reveals how oligarchs who are not accountable to anyone have wrapped their tentacles its key institutions such as the prosecution. ”

From Frog News to the question of the American media we add another question: In what language did Borissov greet Angela Merkel?

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