Vojtěch called on the head of the Moravian-Silesian hygienists to resign. Let her call me back, she responded


“Although the measures taken in the Moravian-Silesian Region are clearly correct, the director absolutely failed to communicate with both the local government and the public and should consider whether she is able to continue to run the Regional Hygiene Station,” Vojtěch told CNN Prima News.

Svrčinová herself told Práva that the minister could call on her and, if she wanted, to dismiss her. “It’s new to me. Yesterday, however, he indicated to me in his text that I should consider whether I could run a regional hygiene station, “admitted the director of Moravian-Silesian hygienists, noting that she did not know more about her superior’s proposal.

Director of the Regional Hygiene Station in Ostrava Pavla Svrčinová

Photo: Pavel Karban, Právo

“Let him call me off if he doesn’t like me,” she added. She did not say more about a possible departure or reasons, saying that she has colleagues from the ministry in Ostrava for a meeting.

On Friday, however, when Svrčinová asked if she did not intend to resign, which was invited to her, as did Vojtěch by ODS First Deputy Chairman Zbyněk Stanjura and Moravian-Silesian Deputy Governor Jakub Unucka (ODS), she replied: “Look, if anyone wants, I will leave. I’m retired for a while. But I don’t feel a reason to resign. “

On Friday, hygienists extended anti-epidemic measures to the entire Moravian-Silesian region. Until then, the restrictions applied in the Karviná and Frýdek-Místek regions. In the region, drapes must be worn again in public transport and indoors. Restrictions also apply to visits to hospitals or nursing homes, the operation of restaurants and bars, mass events and so-called commuters.

The immediate validity and scope of the measures have provoked criticism. Due to new measures, for example, NeFestival had to end in Ostrava, which was to replace the previously canceled Colors of Ostrava festival.

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