This way you ensure that your children are not bored during the summer vacation in the backyard


The school holidays have started again. Where we previously went abroad with the children, we now mainly stay at home. Then try to prevent boredom in your child.

And children get bored quickly. “You need to reach a certain level of incentives to feel comfortable. And the threshold of what we need in incentives has increased tremendously over the past few decades,” development psychologist Steven Pont explains. “It is now as if the world has ADHD.”

New incentives

“The brain of children is constantly looking for new stimuli. It actually always asks: what can be learned?” Pont says. That is why going on holiday to another place is ideal, because children get new experiences all the time there. “You are in a different environment, with a different structure and therefore different stimuli.”

Because of the corona crisis many people choose not to go on holiday at all this yearn. Then you sit at home with children who have little to do. How do you deal with that? “Try to fit the things you normally do on vacation into normal life. Do you often go to a terrace on vacation? Put everyone in the car and on to the terrace. Do you always go camping? the garden. Be creative and let your kids be creative too. “

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“Release your children”

“It is especially important to do something. No matter what. I often say to my children: sometimes it is really as boring as it sounds, but usually it is much more fun. Think, for example, of those times when the road is going somewhere was more fun than the destination, ‚ÄĚsays Pont.

In addition, he thinks that you should also leave your children a little bit free during this period. “Just let your kids build a tent in the house. Don’t think, oh, it’ll be such a mess. Let it go. Or let them use the garden as a basketball court. Then don’t have an ornamental garden with beautiful flowers. a lot of resentment. “

“Don’t blame your child”

Because children really have to lose their energy, says Pont. “Children run at a higher speed than you. It is not easier to do. Then it is as if your child says to you: take a bit busier, you are so slow. Do not keep the speed of your child low, but think of an environment in which you child can lose his speed. “

When it comes to boredom, you often hear: ‘I used to have enough of this’, but according to Pont that is not the case. He sees that parents have created this boredom situation themselves. “At least you are guilty. We have given them everything and made the incentive level high, so now you can not expect that they can suddenly do without it. So do not accuse your child of boredom.”

Games, phones and iPads

And we have made this incentive level so high, partly because of the constant signals from phones, iPads and games. A thorn in the side of many parents, but something that children grab quickly when they are bored.

“I say at my house: no screens before half past six. Until then you just have to enjoy yourself. That is a clear rule. But this works especially if parents work together in this. So if the parents of all friends do the same and widely worn, it works well. “

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