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This is me, fans clapping for Sameera’s new look


Sameera’s video reacts to body shaming goes viral

Most celebrities pay close attention to beauty issues. Many people are reluctant to appear in front of the camera without makeup and hair dye. A video shared by South Indian actress Sameera Reddy on Instagram is now gaining traction on social media. In the video, Sameera reacts against body shaming. Sameera presented the subject with gray hair and a sheer face.

Sameera says that the motivation behind this video is a message she received from social media. “The mother of a one-year-old baby sent me a message. The message was that it was not beautiful to see them after childbirth, that they looked fat and ugly due to baby fat, and that my pictures made them depressed. I was shocked. That’s why I decided to come to you in a sleepy look without makeup, ”Sameera shares the video with the introduction.

“I do not encourage people to compare me and talk about beauty. I also grew up hearing such comparisons, and as a child I was often compared to my skinny cousins. Growing up, I came into the film industry being always compared to my peers. I have also done a lot to maintain the elegance that defines society. Pads have even been used to enhance color, brighten eyes, and accurate measurements. It’s just that I’m bored. I have never felt that every part of my body meets the standards of beauty. That is why today I am working hard to combat body shaming. ”

Sameera Reddy, who is also a mother of two, urged fans to focus on being happy rather than worrying about weight. In the video, Sameera says that we need to go beyond the measure of beauty and maintain health and happiness without losing confidence. “It is not important to lose weight, it is important to stay healthy. Try to enjoy the state of motherhood. Enjoy the growth of children. Focus your mind on happiness. Thoughts about losing weight may come back, and now I have to try to recover. ” Says Sameera.

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