This is how Fahad sees Nazriya! Actress Nazriya Naseem shares her love with the film


Nazriya Naseem is the most popular actress in Malayalam. Nazriya, who came to the silver screen as a child actress, is now a star. With her marriage to actor Fahad Fazil, Vamban took a break from filming but returned. Nazriya has often spoken about her love affair with Fahad and her marriage.

Fahad was silent on the matter. But Fahad had revealed in a recent interview some of the things that happened at the Bangalore Daisy location. Fahadh says that he started paying attention to Nazriya when he did not even mind and could not openly express his desire. In the end, it was Nazriya who proposed first.

Fahad’s words about the reasons for liking her quickly went viral. The fans wished the two a happy and prosperous time. Now Nazriya has come up with a beautiful photo via Instagram. According to Nazriya’s post, Fahad is not very active on social media but takes photos.

Nazriya shared a picture taken by Fahad Fazil. The film, captioned ‘This is the way he sees me’, quickly went viral. Fans also realized that this was not a new film as it was also mentioned as a throwback movie. The actress also made it clear through her hashtag that he makes my heart laugh. Actress Anna Benn and others came forward with comments.

Fahad and Nazriya co-starred in Trance, which was released this year after Bangalore Days. In the movie directed by Anwar Rashid, both of them had a dazzling performance. The corona problem starts when new movies are coming out.

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