These daily activities will infect you with K-19


Doctors from the Texas Medical Association have compiled a list of daily activities that put us at greater or greater risk of contracting COVID-19, the Mirror reported.

They are divided into five groups – from less risky to high risk. Among the safer ones are camping and playing tennis or buying food at home.

Shopping and visiting guests are medium risk, while training in the gym, going to the cinema and eating a buffet are high risk.
The list is based on the assumption that participants follow the recommendations of the health authorities for distance and wearing masks.

The low-risk activities are opening a letter, buying food for home, refueling the car, playing tennis, going camping.

Low to medium risk are shopping in a store, walking, cross-country skiing, cycling with company, two nights in a hotel, sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, visiting a library or museum, eating at an outdoor restaurant, walking on a busy street, an hour of children’s landing.

Medium risk is visiting guests or barbecuing friends, going to the beach, shopping in a mall, sending children to school, camp, kindergarten, working one week in an office building, swimming in a pool, visiting elderly relatives or friends in their home.

Medium to high-risk activities include going to the hairdresser, eating at an indoor restaurant, going to a wedding or funeral, traveling by plane, playing basketball or football, hugging or shaking hands.

Buffet meals, gym workouts, a visit to an amusement park, a theater, a big music concert, a stadium, a religious service with over 500 attendees, going to a bar are high risk.

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