“There will be new import duties on French products!” – The Daily Standard


Donald Trump seems to have had it all with French President Emmanuel Macron. The United States therefore intends to introduce new substantial import duties on French products. The news leaked via a PDF document prepared by the Trump administration.

Trump does show his economic balls because the American president and his government allude to an import tax of no less than 25 percent on French import products. With the new sanctions, the major French cosmetics companies (such as L’OrĂ©al Paris and Garnier) and the classic fashion sector (such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton) are particularly affected. Luxury hurts!

According to the leaked PDF document, the levies on French merchandise should only start in six months. Trump’s levy on (mainly) French luxury goods is a revenge of the U.S. President on Macron’s earlier decision to tax American tech giants including Facebook and Google more heavily.

A new trade conflict between the United States and France is now in the air, but could just as easily spread to the rest of the countries within the European Union. Until now, countries such as Germany and the Netherlands are still proudly supporting the policies of the French EU-minded chauvinists.

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