The woman killed an unfaithful tyrant, she was given five years


The unfortunate woman went to court with the vision of a sentence of up to eighteen years. “I did not want to kill him. But it didn’t go any further. He humiliated me every day, cursed at me. Suddenly I had darkness in front of my eyes, “said the pensioner in court. At the same time, living with her husband brought her to the point of death when she had previously attempted suicide.

The defendant intentionally killed her husband, but as a result of his previous reprehensible conduct

Tomáš Kurfiřt

The Senate, led by Tomáš Kurfiřt, paid great attention to the examination of witnesses who described how it worked or rather did not work in the family. “The defendant cited, to put it mildly, a critical marital situation as the cause of her actions. We listened to a lot of people and we were surprised that the children of the accused and the injured party were not very interested in their coexistence.

She ended up in psychiatry

Even stern signals that something was happening led them to nothing. For example, when the defendant ended up in psychiatry after a suicide attempt and her son did not even ask her how she got there. That strikes us, “Judge Elector shook his head.

The Senate acknowledged that living with the defendant was difficult. “He did not even try to hide his sexual appetite for other women, his alcoholism was such that the mayor of the village already wanted to have him taken to prison. They also drank at home, where there was also sexual contact. To this, remorse, shouting, insults and perhaps, as a last straw, the victim’s call, when he himself provoked the accused to stab him, “described the Elector.

Even public prosecutor Petr Bejšovec himself acknowledged in his closing speech that demanding a sentence for a pensioner for murder would be disproportionately strict, and the lawyer Jan Paroulek also suggested evaluating the act as murder.

“Even the Senate eventually agreed that it was a murder, not a murder. The defendant intentionally killed her husband, but as a result of his previous reprehensible conduct. However, we emphasize that not every attack after a previous provocation fulfills the wording of this paragraph. He must be preceded by such abominable behavior that it can no longer be tolerated.

The uniqueness of this case is precisely that it was preceded by behavior such as abuse or domestic violence, “added Judge Kurfiřt. The public prosecutor was satisfied with the punishment, and the defendant left her time to think.

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