The US military feels used and betrayed by Trump


Will Donald Trump use the military to retain power, or will it be used to overthrow him? More and more observers are asking this question as the United States presidential election approaches, in which the current head of state will run for a second term.

The question is unusual. Since the founding of the United States, the main principle of its armed forces has been not to interfere in domestic politics. The country has gone through serious crises, the Civil War and the Great Depression, but the military has never been tempted to take matters into its own hands.

However, the rules do not apply to Trump. As soon as he entered the White House, he showed that he would not follow well-trodden paths and would not comply with generally accepted rules – such as not using the army for political purposes. And while Republican-elected presidents have traditionally enjoyed the sympathy of the military, Trump may be on the verge of breaking with that tradition, despite his great efforts in the opposite direction.

Trump likes to talk about the military around him as if he were

“my generals” and “my military”,

but in their circles this does not always sound good, because they cannot belong to anyone but the United States. Tensions have visibly risen during anti-racism protests in the capital, Washington, early last month.

On June 1, the area around the White House was cleared by violent protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets so that the head of state could cross Lafayette Square and reach St. John’s Church. Church of the Presidents, where he poses with the Bible in his hand. Next to him were Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and the top U.S. military chief of staff, General Mark Millie, dressed in a combat uniform. Millie’s presence was in violation of the Washington rule that senior officers did not visit the White House in military uniform. Moreover, it violated one of the oldest traditions of the American constitutional order – that the military stays away from politics.

Trump then threatened to deploy troops from the 82nd Airborne Division on the streets of the American capital, citing the 1807 Anti-Troubles Act. When the photo shoot in front of the church ended, however, both Esper and Millie backed down. It became known that Esper was on the verge of losing his post after opposing the deployment of troops. After him, in a video address to the National Defense University Millie in turn

apologize for his presence in front of the church

“St. John” and described it as a mistake.

A number of retired generals have condemned Donald Trump’s behavior. James Mathis, his former military minister and former Marine officer, accused the president of “abuse of executive power” and “mockery of the constitution.” And on the eve of the graduation ceremony of the West Point cadets, hundreds of graduates of the military academy signed an open letter until the 2020 class.

“We are concerned that other high-ranking graduates are not fulfilling their oath and are not following the motto ‘Duty, Honor, Homeland,'” the letter said, apparently with a hint of Esper, who graduated from the academy in 1986. Their actions threaten the credibility of the apolitical nature of the armed forces. ”

“I think this is the biggest gap between the military and the civilian leadership. I can’t remember ever having a bigger rift,” said Peter Bergan, director of international security at New York’s think tank and author. of the book “Trump and His Generals: The Price of Chaos.”

Former US Ambassador to Bulgaria James Pardew, on the other hand, has questioned the president’s leadership qualities in the current crisis. “President Trump may think of himself as a military leader, but based on my experience in the military with crisis management, I would say he doesn’t really know how to do it. That’s why he doesn’t govern as he should in a crisis. So far. its action on the coronavirus is absent

nothing to do with wartime leadership “,

Pardew told Bulgarian National Radio.

Democratic Party presidential favorite Joe Biden is taking advantage of the rift between Trump and the military. Trump will try to steal the upcoming presidential election, but in this case the military will intervene, he predicted, although he did not specify how the fraud will take place. The Democrat said the military would intervene and escort Trump out of the White House if he lost the vote and did not recognize the result.

However, the US head of state is in a much more serious situation, according to information provided by the New York Times, according to which US intelligence has information that Russian officials have offered to pay the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill the US military. Trump insists he has never seen this intelligence, even though it was part of materials he was familiar with on a daily basis just before a peace deal was signed with the Taliban in February. If this proves true, he will have to answer why he did not immediately take the necessary steps to protect the lives of his uniformed compatriots – including by threatening Russia with severe sanctions. Because in this case, American soldiers will really have the right to feel betrayed by their president.

===== KARE =====

Will the United States have an Armenian first lady and a new black president?

The possible first couple

Rapper Kanye West has withdrawn his support for Donald Trump and said he is running for president with the intention of winning it. In an interview with Forbes magazine, West, who had previously supported Trump, said, “I’m taking off my red hat now, with this interview,” referring to the red baseball cap that has become a trademark of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign. .

It is not yet clear how serious the rap star’s intentions are, but the question is still curious – what would the White House look like if it was hosted by West? Guessing has begun as to who his vice president would be, with even Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk among the names.

One thing is clear – if he realizes his intention, West will be the second black president of the United States, and his wife – reality star Kim Kardashian – will be the first inhabitant of the White House of Armenian descent.

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