The most erased sacrificial goat, Kalousek, is coming to an end, he has no ambitions. He just arranges the defeat of Babiš …


    "I have no personal ambitions in politics in the parliamentary elections 2021. As far as I know, maybe I will, after all, I am still a young boy, run for 2025." Kalousek.  And he said that he is not going anywhere, he remains a member of TOP 09.

Political event: the chairman of the TOP 09 deputies, Miroslav Kalousek, announced on the Czech Television that he would not run for the Chamber in the next parliamentary elections. No report enjoyed much interest, although Kalousek is a member of a party that is not only just above five percent, according to the latest survey of Kantar CZ’s electoral preferences. Logically, the decision of the topka MP should not arouse interest, but arouse, and great.

We know the reason, Miroslav Kalousek is one of the most prominent Czech politicians of the last twenty years. Great, sharp, ironic speaker, debater, dreaded MP, joker. The last time on Sunday, in Questions of Václav Moravec, was not met by Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová (for YES). Official reason? Not the fear of Kalousek, but the “voice indisposition”. And the ministry could not even find adequate compensation for it.

It is not possible to calculate the problem areas of Kalousek’s political career here. It is enough (perhaps somewhat unnecessarily, everyone knows this) to remind you that this politician has become the main target of Andrej Babiš, Miloš Zeman and many other similar politicians. A kind of “devil in human form”, on which the opponents basically slowly threw the whole financial crisis of 2008. For the two Babiš-Zeman, the populist motto ZVMK “ZaVšeckoMůžeKalousek” has been valid for years. He served for years like the biblical goat from the book Leviticus, on whom the sins were laid, and they drove him to Azazel into the wilderness.

And, of course, Kalousek himself participated in the devilish syndrome, it is enough to mention two actions. In 2006, the head of the CSSD, Jiří Paroubek, offered the People’s Party participation in a minority government with tolerance by the KSČM. At that time (with the consent of the KDU-ČSL presidency, of which he was chairman), Kalousek began negotiating the offer. He later announced that it was a trick he wanted to prevent a large coalition of the CSSD and ODS.

His other “master” concerned the media. In 2011, as Minister of Finance of the Nečas government, he called to MF Today a Lidové noviny and claimed to have a recording from a meeting of editors-in-chief. It was a meeting of representatives MF Today, LN, HN, rights, Diary, Flash, sport and weekly magazines Respect a Week. The topic was a joint statement and a letter to the government, the Senate and the Chamber calling for them not to increase the VAT rate on the press and books. But then he revealed that it was just a mystification…

And now the opposite, after the botched elections in 2017, Kalousek found enough self-criticism to behave really conservatively and end up as the chairman of TOP 09, which he and Karel Schwarzenberg, who found a political companion and great affection, ended. Few people in our country have done that. However, he remained the head of the deputies and in the House he represents something like the voice of the opposition.

And Adam Adam will watch how it’s done?

What Kalousek u Moravce said: “I have no personal ambitions in politics in the parliamentary elections 2021. What I know, maybe I will, because I am still a young boy, run for 2025.” He also said that he was not going anywhere, he remained a member of TOP 09. “My point is to have my hands free in those conversations in which personal ambitions are clearly reflected and instead any representative arguments are given.”

Being as expressive, sharp, often aggressive, biting, but also smart as Kalousek is not worn in our country. He has made many enemies in today’s opposition. Quite possibly, it was (was) really a hindrance to possible deeper cooperation. He denies it: “I haven’t heard for a long time that someone would mind Kalousek, but I used to hear it and it was a surrogate argument, so if someone wanted to use this surrogate again, they would have to find someone else.” In other words, Kalousek refuses to be the devil, but this is not a surrogate problem. It bothers the People’s Party, the Mayors and the ODS.

The question is how to understand his step. He will not run for the House. But at the same time he wants to “have his hands free in the negotiations, I want to say that I have no personal political ambitions in this, my ambitions will be the ambitions of the voter and the citizen who wishes to create a winning project of traditional political parties”. However, the chairwoman of the top, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, recalls what Kalousek also says that the leaders of the parties are discussing cooperation: “These negotiations are ongoing and I believe that they will be successful.”

Do you understand? Kalousek wants to negotiate the anti-Babish block, reminds that for “years of working in politics, I know someone and I want to have informal talks with them”. OK, that sounds good, selfless, he has no ambition, just to save the free state. At the same time, however, he indicates that he intends to become the constructor of the agreement, someone (as if) above the leaders of the parties. If he succeeds, it would be a very strong position for the formation of a possible government formed by the victorious opposition (he does not leave politics). And Pekarová Adamová what? Will he watch the master do it?

She controls the top. So shouldn’t she lead the negotiations? Or will she go to Kalousek when she negotiates agreements with her? And if so, why is Kalousek blowing the horn? Why didn’t he just end up with “I won’t run next year”? Why didn’t he let Pekara Adam announce that she would make him an emissary for deals? (Well, it probably won’t be out of her head, will it.)

This is what Kalousek’s cunning trick looks like: I bother the agreement, I don’t admit it publicly, but I’m not stupid and I know it, as if I would stop bothering, but I’ll lead the whole thing from behind.

Maybe I’m wronging him, maybe he’s no longer planning any MK tricks, maybe he really only wants the success of the anti-Babish community and he himself becomes just a tiny, smallest constructor of the agreement, who goes to the cottage after success and quietly enjoys victory. Which is probably as likely as the wolf starting to start lamb nurseries. The Karel Schwarzenberg tops icon will no longer be a candidate. For the party, either the complete end or the beginning of a new era.

It is not possible with Kalousek, not without him either, he is the most prominent face of the House, without him the lower house will be sad. However, his departure will dismantle Czech politics. | Video: DVTV, Emma Smetana

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