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Thiruvananthapuram: ‘Valkannadi’ directed by Anil Babu was released in December 2002. It was not the director, hero Kalabhavan Mani or heroine Geethu Mohandas who jumped on the bandwagon when it was hinted that it would be a success on the first day. Anil Murali was the villain. Anil called everyone who worked with him in the film that day. It was Anil who shocked everyone during the shooting when Mani and Geet made the characters as beautiful as expected. It was really then that a new villain emerged in Malayalam cinema.

Anil was able to bring a new villain touch to the look, the walk, the dialogue. A dialogue in the mirror reads: ” After all, I’m a devil. Do not provoke the devil. Once awakened, a cousin and Dev. She is no longer alive and he is not going to escape the death knell. ” In that dialogue, Anil was able to bring the whole cruelty of the villain to his face.

He was an irreplaceable actor. That is why when Arun Gopi came to know about Anil’s separation, he wrote on Facebook, ‘Who will give you the role reserved for you?’ The characters were rough but gentle in life. The fact that the actor, who was enjoying friendships, broke up on Friendship Day may have been another drama that awaited the verdict.

Anil Murali, who was active in serials, made his silver screen debut in 1993 with Vinayan’s Kanyakumariyil Oru Kavitha ‘. Vinayan was cast as the villain in the film due to his rough appearance. In addition to his villainous roles, he also excelled as a character actor. Lenin Rajendran’s role in the perversions of God was also noticed.

She was last seen in the Tamil remake of M. Padmakumar’s hit film ‘Joseph’. SP in the picture. Venugopal died before completing his role. M. Padmakumar had a decades-old friendship with his neighbor Anil in Kochi. Friendship from the first film ‘Ammakkilikoodu’.

“Anil would have handled comedy well. That ability went unnoticed by many. My new film was cast in the ’19th century. Anil called me a few days ago and talked about the movie for a long time. He said that he started working out in the gym to be a part of it.

– Vinayan, director

” One of the many difficult moments was running to Anil to relax. He lost an older brother. ”

-Sindhuraj, screenwriter.

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