‘The death toll will go from two to three, then four; We find it difficult to bury the dead


തുKovid managed to break through it all but reached our backyard. What’s next is a big question. Murali Tummarukudy says in this post that we are now starting to see around us the sights we have seen in other places in the Kovid expansion. ” The speed of the roller coaster is increasing, hold on. Of course, after a few days, it will slow down and most people will get out of the ride. Hopefully we will be in it too ” – writes Murali Tummarukudy.

Corona: When war breaks out

Corona was first reported in China. Today, as of July 21, 2020, there are 83,693 cases and 463 deaths in China4. (worldometer information. You will see small differences on each website. This is the general situation). Today, China ranks 26th in the world.

Italy was in the news for the second time. There were 244,624 cases and 35,038 deaths. Fifteenth place now.

Then there is the United Kingdom. They initially decided that the country should not be shut down. It changed as the number of cases increased. The total number of cases was 295,372 and the number of deaths was 45,312. Now in tenth place.

Sweden later broke the news, saying it would not announce a lockdown for any reason. Today there are 78,048 cases and 5,639 deaths. Twenty-seventh.

In the United States, where the leadership thought Covid was like a flu, the number of cases later rose to 3,961,556 and the death toll to 143,885. Continues to be number one in the world.

When the corona filled these areas, Kerala gained world attention by beating the spread of the disease. Wherever the first cases were reported after us, the number reached from one to ten, from ten to one hundred, from one hundred to one thousand, from ten thousand to one lakh, and even slowly we reached one thousand.

Then everything was sudden. One thousand two thousand, two thousand five thousand, five thousand ten thousand.

This is not surprising to anyone who knows the specifics of this disease. The news is that the disease is preventable. What is going to happen now is that Kerala, which in the early days was successful in effectively controlling the spread of the disease, has gone backwards.
If the number of cases in the UK, which has twice the population of Kerala, is three lakh and the number of cases in Kerala is one and a half lakh, then what is the global news value? The death toll in Delhi has crossed 3,000, but its population is lower than in Kerala. So if five thousand people die in Kerala tomorrow, why should those who hear it be surprised ?. Do we care how many people die in Brazil?

Those who die in Kerala can be our father, mother, brother, colleague and friends. But each of these are numbers, not individuals, to the world. That is something that lies somewhere within India’s total numbers.

A great feature of this corona disease is that it looks like a wave coming from afar. There are months of warning. Italy knows what happened in China because of this disease, what they did, Italy knows what Italy did, America knows what the UK did. Everyone can see and know what others are doing. Take precaution if necessary.

But for some reason every country, state and continent looks like “this is not a problem that affects us”. Even though the United States itself faced major challenges two months ago in New York, Florida looked at it as if it were not an issue affecting them. Today the sights of New York are repeated in Florida.

The case of Kerala is no different. The Corona series has reached Wuhan, Lombardy, London, New York and Delhi.

We tried our best to prevent this and were very successful in the early days. During this time the world became more aware of the disease. It gives more confidence to our health workers. We had more time to prepare from testing to hospital systems. When the war comes to our yard we are in greater preparation than in March. There is so much to comfort.

But no matter how hard we tried, the war was over.

Now we start to see all the sights around us that we have seen in other places

Locally but we will have to see more patients than the number of hospital beds.

We think that if the sick are not serious, it is enough to stay at home.

The death toll will rise from two to three and then to four.

We find it difficult to bury the dead.
Health workers will get tired and many will die.

Those in the leadership ranks will get sick and lose confidence.

People will be scared.

It will be clear to us that Malayalees do not have a special immunity or the climate of Kerala.

Everyone can be sure that corona is not a political issue but a health issue.

We will realize that no one can save us except modern science

People will literally follow the instructions given by the health workers.

Unnecessary controversies will disappear.

Strikes and mobs will be postponed.

The number of corona cases will decrease. People’s lives will slowly return,

People will go out and gather.

Then there will be a count of the dead, and who will be responsible for the death,

The strike will come again.

Politics will come again,

Corona will come again,

People will die again
These scenes will continue to be shown alternately as “milking – operation” until the vaccine arrives.

There is a famous saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” (Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results). Is said to belong to Einstein.

We are in that state of mind for the time being.
I started writing on this topic long before the lockdown was announced. Lessons from all over the world on how each stage of the corona should be have reached all of our phones. No such warnings are needed anymore. When the tsunami hits the backyard, everyone will understand that it is a tsunami. It’s just that there won’t be time to flee or a place to be safe. The “previous” notice is irrelevant there.

Each of us will have an opinion on how we got here. It generally depends on the inclination of our politics. Whatever our thoughts are, it is no longer relevant. What is the significance of the theoretical review of who brought the tiger home after the tiger entered the house? Save the wood, that’s all.

As I said the other day the roller coaster is speeding up and holding on. Of course, after a few days, it will slow down and most people will get out of the ride. Hopefully we will be in it too.

After that the rest have time for scientific, political review, will have, and should have.

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