The corona virus does not only affect the lungs; NEW STUDY REPORT – LIFESTYLE – HEALTH


Washington: It’s been seven months since Kovid began to spread in the world, but the science world has yet to catch up. Researchers have discovered that the genetic makeup of the virus changes frequently. Therefore, the way people are infected is different at each stage. Patients develop symptoms without symptoms. Studies are ongoing to determine which parts of the human body are affected by the virus.

Corona virus infection is considered a respiratory disease. However, the new findings suggest that Kovid-19, which is spread by the novel coronavirus virus, is not only affecting the lungs. Fever and cough are the primary symptoms. People with severe illness have difficulty breathing. Then they are on a ventilator. Patients who reach this stage succumb to death. More than five and a half million people worldwide have died from the disease. They also say that Kovid is not the only cause of death.

A new study suggests that coronaviruses are capable of damaging every organ in the human body. The study was conducted by researchers at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center. The researchers prepared the study report by observing patients admitted to the hospital. The virus has been found to infect the kidneys, liver, brain, nervous system, skin and digestive system. The virus can cause blood clots and heart failure. The corona virus has the ability to rapidly penetrate into the cells of the human body. This is the cause of organ failure.

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