The British killed the fish with this measure against COVID-19


The British government announced on Monday its plan to combat obesity to better protect the population from the coronavirus, Darik reports.

The measures include a ban on the Internet and television advertising for products high in fat, sugar and salt before 21:00, the end of offers “buy one get second free”Calories will be announced on menus to help people who eat out make healthier decisions, and alcoholic beverages will be measured in “hidden liquid calories,” the government said, adding that doctors will recommend exercise. such as cycling to keep people healthy.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a post on Twitter, that he was “too fat” when he was admitted to the hospital because of COVID-19. Since then he has lost weight and runs with his dog every morning.

“When I was admitted to the intensive care unit and I was really sick, I was quite overweight. I was too fat, announced the leader of the Conservatives. Johnson explained that government ministers would not be too drastic in their campaign to lose weight in Britain.

“I start my day running with the dog, a light cross, but practically every day I increase my speed to get in shape.”, he added.

The UK is often defined as the ‘fat European’ with 63% of the overweight population as one third of primary school children are overweight or obese.

Obesity-related diseases cost the national health system £ 6 billion a year. According to some studies, being overweight is one of the factors predisposing to COVID-19 disease. Almost 8% of patients are in critical condition and in intensive care units for overweight, compared to 2.9% for the general population.

“If everyone who is overweight loses five pounds – 2.27 kg. could save the healthcare system £ 100 million over the next five years. ” quoted by the Telegraph, Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

“If a link is made between obesity and the coronavirus, losing weight means saving lives,” he explains. For his part, Dr. Alison Tedstone, a nutritionist and head of Public Health England, emphasizes that the main mechanism of weight gain is eating, drinking and lack of physical activity.

To be made healthy choice for all and ensuring adequate help for those who need it is fundamental in our fight against coronavirusah, explains the expert.

The British government announced on Monday its plan to combat obesity to better protect the population from the coronavirus.

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