Stayed together 15 days after marriage; I have not seen my husband since then !! Life of Actress Kanaka


Kanaka is the heroine of Mohanlal and Mukesh. Kanaka has taken a break from cinema as part of hit films like Godfather, Pingami, Narasimham, Kusruthi Kurup and Golantharavartha.

Kanaka withdrew from films due to her mother interfering unnecessarily even in the story of the film. After that, news spread that Kanaka was mentally ill and had died. But it was also big news that Kanaka herself came on the scene accusing her father of being behind such fake news.

The actress’ married life was a failure. The couple fell in love with Muthukumar, a mechanical engineer in California, and married in April 2007. But they lived together for only 15 days. The actress later said that she had not seen her husband and initially thought he had been abducted by someone in the film industry but her father Devdas was behind the abduction.

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