Sirakov and fans will resurrect Levski with the Phoenix plan


And the new financial director will be from the Blue Bulgaria Trust

Nasko Sirakov has officially headed the new supervisory board of Levski, and fans will have key roles in the management – this became clear after the general meeting of the “blues” on July 17.

The majority owner Sirakov (51.6% of the shares), Konstantin Papazov (who will receive 35% of the shares, but they will also be for sale as a “weapon” in the battle to save the club) and the economist of the trust holding 10% of the shares “Blue Bulgaria” Petar Ganev are the members of the control body. They replaced the current members Georgi Popov, Mihail Todorov and Alexander Tumparov, but the General Assembly decided not to release from responsibility neither them nor the current board.

“It was unnecessary and unnecessary for me not to dismiss the current members of the management and supervisory boards, but I had to comply with the will of the shareholders, although I had the right to decide this issue alone. This will happen at the next general meeting, “Sirakov announced.

In addition to the supervisory board, Levski fans will have a representative in the new management board, which is to be approved.

Pavel Kolev is expected to be re-elected executive director.

“I am currently an executive director. Once a board has been set up, my position will be reached. I am here not only as an executive director, but also as a person who is ready to take responsibility for everything that happened in “Levski” in 2019. And in 2020, although there is hardly a person who is he thinks I could have done something after the events of January and February, “Kolev said.

Fans have drawn up a plan tentatively called “Phoenix”, which aims to resurrect the club from the ashes. “It’s a staffing job. One joined the supervisory board. The other, who is a proposal for financial director and was approved in words – Alexander Chakarov, is also a member of the trust “Blue Bulgaria”. Mr. Sirakov was satisfied with his expertise “, said the chairman of the national club of supporters Stepan Hindlian.

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“Last year we proposed a document regulating the relations between the organized supporters and the club, but it was not responded to. When the events of January and February took place, the NAC and the trust began to make a plan for funding and fresh money to the club and stabilization of the situation not only by sponsors but also by the entire Levski community. This is realized in its second part, because over BGN 2 million were collected.

In talks with Nasko Sirakov it became clear that the club does not have the capacity to cope with some activities that are not sports and technical. This is the so-called Phoenix plan, Hindlian added.

In addition to the key positions in the Supervisory Board and the position of CFO, the organizations have offered staff for other areas – PR, merchandising, legal and high technology. “All these proposals are staffed not by fans, but by professionals,” explained the head of the NAC.

“At the moment, this is the only plan out of the crisis,” Hindlian said.

“If I say I’m optimistic, I’ll lie, I’m restrained. The situation is worrying before the meeting, I have no reason to be optimistic after it “, commented the head of the fans leaving the meeting.

Sirakov is confident that with joint efforts a way out of the darkest tunnel will be found.

All shareholders realize that “Levski” is in the most difficult moment in its 106-year history, but that it means nothing and that when we are together, we will make “Levski” stand on its feet, and we will even do so that it can fly “, commented the majority owner.

“At this stage, there is always the possibility of bankruptcy, but it does not cross my mind at all,” added Nasko.

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and advertisers. For some things we are on the final straight. The situation can improve very quickly “, continued the legendary goal scorer and leader of the” blues “.

Asked whether he expected help from the state and whether he sought it after the call from the fans to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov for help, Sirakov answered: “I have not talked to the Prime Minister. Our only hope was to help us with the infrastructure. We had several conversations with Mr. Kralev. I know that nothing will happen, looking at what is happening to the state and what is at the head of the government. “Levski has always fought and managed on its own, so I hope it will be the same again.”

Levski will not sign the current contract for TV rights. At Gerena they are even preparing to broadcast their home matches on their own.

Regarding the tension between fan factions, Sirakov announced: “I can’t tell the fan organizations to love each other, but when it comes to Levski, I want them to look in the same direction. “Levski” provokes boundless love, but also boundless hatred. The club needs every fan. What fans have been doing in recent months is unparalleled in world history. Hats off to them. ”

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