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Washington: Singer Kanye West has announced he will be a candidate for the upcoming US presidential election. The star said on her Twitter page. Kanye tweeted on Twitter: “We can build the United States by trusting God and uniting our vision. Kanye tweeted a surprise emblem with the American flag and the hashtag Vision 2020. Kanye’s wife and model, Kim Kardashian, posted the American flag in reply. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has backed Kanye.

With the announcement of Kanye’s candidacy, fans of both are excited. Fans have come to think of Kanye as president and Kim as first lady. There is an increase in the number of followers on both Twitter and Instagram.

But to run for president, Kanye has to overcome some hurdles. Contesting independents in the primary competition is a matter of jurisdiction of the respective states. No final decision has yet been made as to the date of the decision. The decision is long overdue in the context of Kovid.

The announcement five years ago

Five years ago, Kanye West had announced that he would run for US president in 2020. Kanye made the statement at the 2015 MTV Music Awards. But last year, he said he would contest 2024. Kanye is a close friend of US President Donald Trump and Trump’s chief opponent of the election, Joe Biden. If the player starts his election campaign, the competition is sure to get fat

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