Shamna’s statement; 20 girls convicted of cheating Shamna Kasim | Blackmail Case | Manorama News


Actress Shamna Kasim’s statement in blackmail case Police have asked for information via video conferencing as it is in the home quarantine. Police have come to the conclusion that the fraud was planned by Harris and Rafeeq. There are also rumors that the gold smuggling is only a myth.

Shamna Qasim’s statement was made via video conferencing as she arrived from Hyderabad yesterday and entered the home quarantine at Kochi Marad. Eight persons have so far been arrested in the case of trying to defraud Shamna and defrauding girls. According to the police, the hair stylist Harris, who was arrested yesterday, and Rafeeq, who starred in Shamna’s upcoming film, have been arrested.

Shamna Qasim’s number was given to the accused by a person in the film industry. Their goal was to make money from the actress. Police say that the gold smuggling is a fabricated story. They cheated more than twenty girls. The accused have recovered 8 sovereigns of jewelery stolen from them.

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