Rural thugs bet a salary of 3 vouchers! The scheme is sensual


Bartenders in a Blagoevgrad village are hired on space salaries to receive the highest unemployment benefits once laid off. The fraud scheme is told in the latest issue of the NSSI newsletter, writes “Monitor“.

The bartenders and the managers of the same village bar are insured for a short time, but at the expense of the maximum insurance income, which is now BGN 3,000, and in the summer of 2018 it was – BGN 2,600.It is then that the vicious practice shines.

Returning from abroad, the thugs start working in our country. By law, when receiving unemployment benefits, the length of service is considered 24 months ago. However, when there is one abroad, in determining the amount of compensation, the income on which people were last insured is taken into account.

Thus, for 10 days of work at BGN 2,600, the bartenders would have received money as unemployed, calculated on the basis of this salary. The scheme was revealed because the company’s turnover in the village is negligible. Unemployment Fund has also tried to drain money from our expatriates in Greece.

In 2019 and 2020, a total of nearly 150 letters were received from the competent Greek institution, informing it that the persons did not work and their employment in our southern neighbor was unrealistic and virtual, the NSSI announced.

Through false documents, the thugs tried to take higher compensation. It is Blagoevgrad that turns out to be the record holder for the most unemployed with experience abroad. With its 1753 people entitled to benefits under this type of POP, it covers nearly 25% of all those entitled to benefits under European regulations.

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