Protest in front of the CDU headquarters in Berlin: Mrs. Merkel, why are you closing your eyes?


Another protest of the Bulgarians in Berlin took place in front of the headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). With exclamations in German “Are you blind?” and “Mrs. Merkel, why are you closing your eyes?” the protesters demanded that the ruling party, which nominated Chancellor Angela Merkel, take a stand on the situation in Bulgaria.

With statements in German so that the information about the irregularities reaches the politicians and the society in Germany and respectively the EU, the protesting Bulgarians pointed out the reasons for the mass dissatisfaction in the country and abroad.

Namely: corruption and the lack of effective sentences, the misuse of European funds, the destruction of the Bulgarian nature, the censorship in the media…

Information about what was happening in our country and the demands of the protesters also contained brochures, which were obtained by employees of the CDU headquarters and citizens.

“The Christian Democratic Union must say whether it supports freedom in Bulgaria or corruption,” said a participant in the demonstration, recalling the “Apartmentgate” affair, the fall of our country to 111th in the world ranking for freedom of speech, corruption schemes that harmed European taxpayers. millions of euros and others.

The HDZ is popularly known as Merkel’s “party” after it has led it for the past two decades.

He is part of the EPP Group (European People’s Party) – the largest parliamentary group in the European Parliament, which includes representatives of GERB from the Bulgarian side.

Shortly after the beginning of the protests in our country, the chairman of the EPP Group Manfred Weber stated his support for the government of Boyko Borissov.

“Any political action that undermines the independence of the judiciary and hinders the fight against corruption will jeopardize Bulgaria’s success in Europe and bring back the concrete progress and support for Bulgaria that we have seen in recent years,” Weber said. .

Subsequently, a number of Western publications commented that the EPP did not take a stand on what was happening in Bulgaria, as it was busy with the FIDES scandals – the party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has frozen membership in the group, and most of its representatives insist that FIDES be fully off.

In an extensive analysis of the situation in our country, the authoritative German magazine SPIEGEL noted that “behind a pro-European facade, Bulgarian Prime Minister Borissov created an authoritarian regime… but since Borissov, unlike Viktor Orban, does not irritate foreign policy, the dubious domestic political situation in Bulgaria does not is a problem in Brussels. ”

According to the protesters in Berlin, these data remain unknown to the members of the HDZ, who would change their position after getting acquainted with them – which was the purpose of the demonstration on Thursday.

The participants in it especially thanked all the mass protesters in our country and expressed their full support for their actions. The Bulgarian community in Berlin continues to demand the resignation of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev and the entire Borissov cabinet – the protesters determined the replacement of several ministers in the so-called government overhaul as an “escape from the responsibility of the prime minister.”

The next protest in Berlin will take place on Sunday at 17:30 in front of the Bulgarian embassy.

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