Pot for subsidy on new electric car is quickly empty


The subsidy fund for the purchase of an electric car will probably be empty within a few months. Since yesterday, private individuals can apply for a subsidy of 4,000 euros for the purchase of a new electric car and 2,000 euros for a second-hand car. After a day, the subsidy budget for new cars is almost half finished.

€ 17.2 million is available for this year. This corresponds to 2500 new and 3600 used electric cars.

In the first day it was already storming at the subsidy counter. Applications were made for 7 percent of the budget for used cars, and 44 percent for new cars. The subsidy applies to cars purchased from June 4.


State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management speaks of a good first day. “An electric car is cheaper than a petrol or diesel car after a few years due to lower maintenance and charging costs, but many people are hiccuping at the higher purchase price. I hope to help many people over the threshold with this scheme in the coming years. . “

Figures from trade association Bovag show that a little less than 800 used electric cars were sold in June. If those sales figures continue in the coming months, the pot for used cars will be empty in October. The bottom is already in sight for new cars.

The subsidy pool will be refilled in 2021. Then there will be 27.9 million in the pot.

More affordable

The subsidy is intended to make electric cars affordable for private individuals. In recent years, it was mainly business drivers who, partly due to the low tax liability, opted for a car with a plug. Private individuals accounted for about a third of the electrical market.

Branch organization Bovag is happy with the subsidy scheme, because there are now no longer only tax benefits for business drivers. However, the scheme that has now started is insufficient. There should also be a scrapping subsidy if individuals want to turn in their diesel for an electric car.

“Then electric driving will be accessible to even more people,” says Bovag chairman Han ten Broeke. “Of course you should also be able to buy back a much cleaner gasoline used car. Our ideas for such a scrapping scheme have been in The Hague for a while, we hope that the cabinet will work on it soon.”

State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven does not feel much for that. According to her, a scrapping premium does not work out well for people with a smaller wallet because the supply of cheap older used cars is decreasing as a result.

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