Political scientist for accusations of terrorism: The finger up as a gesture is used by the ID


Mohamed Abdulkader Kadar: New TV

“In one of the photos, the boy is posing with his finger up. According to Islamic scholars, this gesture shows an attachment to monotheism. It is widely used by Salafists, including Islamic State. However, according to them, this gesture alone cannot prove the affiliation to an Islamist group “, explained the political scientist Prof. Tatiana Dronzina about the photos of the 20-year-old Mohamed Abdulkader, detained for terrorism in Burgas, spread by the prosecutor’s office, reports Nova Tv.

She is of the opinion that the flag behind the boy is the Turkish-backed Sultan Murat. It was set up in mid-2012 near Aleppo by Turkish intelligence.

“If the father was the leader of an organization supported by Turkey, the son would have an education and a profession. This did not happen. There is little information to judge what exactly happened. “Sons cannot oppose what fathers say in these cultures,” the professor explained.

According to her, it is unlikely that the boy was incited to Islamist groups due to financial motives. She explained that in jihadist groups, only highly qualified specialists are paid.

“If we were the kind of terrorists we are made of in the media, we should have been caught at the border. We would not have arrived, to give ourselves the address where we live “, believes the mother of the accused in terrorism Anelia.

She already knows that Mohammed had several social media accounts, has seen the photos and knows the situation in the city of Aleppo up close. He said that they were in Bulgaria precisely because of the difficult military situation and denied any involvement of Mohammed in hostilities and radical groups.

“These are complete fabrications. Call signs to show off to friends, I’ve seen these pictures too, and I’ve told him many times, “Don’t let your friends see you. Don’t do that, the media and social networks will understand it in a different way. ” There are also a lot of pictures in my phone. If there was anything, I would delete these photos. They are just a memory. How could his father recruit him, he didn’t even want those pictures. How many times he was told not to be photographed “, shares Mohamed’s mother.

“I haven’t blinked all night, I can’t believe this thing. I am convinced that Muhammad has nothing to do with such terrorist accusations. Very hardworking. He had such a sense of responsibility. He always wanted to learn more and more, “said the boy’s coach.

Mohammed’s classmates and many of his friends were also shocked by the events, some of whom were questioned by investigators. None of the boys had heard of Mohammed participating in a group. However, they know about the difficult situation in which his father is forced to live. Mohammed’s class teacher from the sports school was also shocked, according to whom such moods did not exist and could not be hidden over the years.

“I am shocked because I never, in any way, guessed it and for him. In my opinion, as a character he is quite kind, despite the sport, despite the passion. This has nothing to do with other things, “said the teacher.

“We went to Turkey with the intention of seeing my father, who came to us once a week for a few hours. He slept with us, asked if we wanted something, if we didn’t want it, and left. But he never wanted his son to take part in any action. He himself suggested that we go to Bulgaria. Go enroll to study to be a cop. Those were his father’s words. His father never wanted the child to live in Syria or me and watch this horror. We were just forced to sit there for a few years, ‚ÄĚsays Anelia.

Mohammed’s father is 51-year-old Ahmet Aljamo Abdulkader, who is of Syrian-Turkmen descent. He lives in Syria with his first wife and many children, but he does not break off the relationship with Anelia, who gives birth to a son. The Bulgarian woman converted to Islam 20 years ago, speaks fluent Arabic, has difficulty writing and reading. She continues to be on good terms with Ahmet, who has supported her financially all these years.

Anelia also says that Ahmet and his relatives only defended their families, just like guerrilla units. After heavy bombardment, they left the village near Aleppo, where they live, to escape. She admits that the boy’s father was a member of the jihadist group Sultan Murad.

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