Pļaviņš / Točs beats the fiercest competitors in Saulkrasti cocktail Samoilova / Šmēdiņa / Diena


In the final, the first issue of the competition, Mārtiņš Pļaviņš / Edgars Točs, defeated the fiercest competitors Aleksandrs Samoilovs / Jānis Šmēdiņš 2-0 (21:17, 21:17).

Pļaviņš / Šmēdiņš defended the victory in the first set in a fierce battle, as the opponents almost destroyed the four-point advantage. In the second set, the first duo of the tournament was in the lead with 12: 9 and did not allow the opponents to take the lead. Samoilovs / Šmēdiņš played two match balls at the end, but later admitted the superiority of the opponents.

Significantly, both pairs Saulkrasti cocktail met in the final last year, when Samoilov / Šmēdiņš won.

After the victory over Samoilov / Šmēdiņš, in a conversation with journalists, Pļaviņš revealed that both made a few mistakes with Toča, so they managed a fairly stable performance.

In the bronze game, the third number of the competition, Mikhail Samoilov / Alexander Solovei, defeated Estonians Timo Lehmus / Dmitry Korotkov 2-1 (18:21, 21:19, 15: 9), who were awarded the 13th number.

Previously, in the semi-finals Pļaviņš / Točs defeated Estonians Lehmus / Korotkov 2-0 (21: 9, 21:16) in less than half an hour. Meanwhile, Samoilov / Šmēdiņš defeated M.Samoilov / Solovej 2-1 (19:21, 21:15, 15:10) in the semi-finals.

On Saturday in Saulkrasti, the competition took place only in the men’s competition.

In the previous stage, the victory was celebrated in Jūrmala by Samoilovs / Šmēdiņš, who defeated their opponents of the day in the final. Tīna Graudiņa / Anastasija Kravčenoka was the best in the ladies’ competition.

The continuation of the season includes stages in Daugavpils (August 8-9) and Cēsis, where the final is scheduled for August 14-16.

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