Plamen Bobokov also has correspondence with President – Rumen Radev – Bulgaria


Specialized prosecutor’s office published part of a text communication between a probable person with immunity and the accused P.B. The messages are part of an expertise of a mobile phone used by P.B.

The analysis of the communication established an exchange of messages between the indicated persons with the following content:

Borissov responded to Radev, scandalous text messages for ambassadors

On 29.09.2019 at 16:15 Plamen Bobokov sent a message to President – Rumen Radev with the text: “Hello from Monrovia! The Senate voted yesterday on our concession and Prista Port is already the official concessionaire of the port of Buchanan in the next 25 years !. .. President George Weah would be very happy to see and meet you! That is why it is necessary to seriously appoint an ambassador to Nigeria with accreditation in Liberia! Success at the upcoming big forum in New York and many thanks for the support! I sent the coordinates if there is a need for something I am online 24/7! “.

The analysis of the information contained in the prepared expertise and its appendices continues.

It is clear from the chats circulated by the prosecutor’s office that Plamen Bobokov also had communication with Desi Radeva. ”

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