Perpetrators of the Mosque Imam’s Attack Successfully Secured

45 – Ustaz Yazid Umar Nasution almost became a stabbing victim while leading a prayer at Al Falah Mosque Darul Muttaqin, located on Jalan Sumatra, Pekanbaru City District, Pekanbaru, Riau.

The incident occurred on Thursday (7/23/2020) around 19.50 WIB.

Pekanbaru Kapolresta Kandang Nandang Mu’min Wijaya confirmed the incident.

At present, the perpetrator whose identity has not been identified has been successfully secured and further investigations are being conducted.

“That’s right. The perpetrators have been secured and are still undergoing examinations,” Nandang said via text message, Friday (24/7/2020).

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From CCTV footage, at that time the victim who was leading the prayer after the evening prayer in the mosque suddenly approached by an unknown man wearing a blue jacket.

A moment later, the man pulled out a knife and tried to point it at the victim.

Surprised victims managed to fend off the knife attack from the perpetrator.

Feeling the action failed, the perpetrators tried to escape but were finally successfully secured by the congregation at the scene.

Author: Pekanbaru Contributor, Idon Tanjung | Editor: Abba Gabrillin

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