NIA awaits Faisal | gold smuggling case:


Kochi: The NIA is also awaiting the repatriation of Faisal Fareed, who was arrested in Dubai in a gold smuggling case. The NIA has received information that Faisal Fareed came up with the idea of ​​a dummy bag for gold smuggling. It is alleged that Faisal also confessed to the Dubai Police during preliminary interrogation after his arrest in the UAE. This will become clear as Faisal is being questioned in custody.
Faisal and his team started testing the dummy bag in June last year. When these dummy bags, which were sent with the diplomatic luggage, were not seized, they started sending such bags with the gold hidden. It is learned that Faisal smuggled 230 kg of gold from Dubai to Kerala more than 20 times.
The NIA has received information that Faisal was very careful while using Sapna and Sarit, who have experience in the clearance of diplomatic luggage, to smuggle gold. Faisal tested the dummy bag on the assumption that proper preparation was needed before the hidden luggage of diplomatic luggage. Faisal, who made fake UAE stamps and stickers so that they could not be caught on scanners at airports, had recorded all this in dummy bags. Faisal and his team gained confidence when the dummy bag with the fake seal was safely taken out of the Thiruvananthapuram airport.
After the experiment was successful, the group first smuggled a small amount of gold. Each time the luggage was cleared with a forged stamp, the rate of smuggling increased. The NIA also found that Sapna and Sarit had smuggled nine kilograms and 18 kilograms twice in June, just before they were caught with 30 kg of gold. Found.

The investigation found that Sapna and his gang had smuggled gold more than 20 times under the cover of diplomatic luggage. Some of these contained more than 20 kg of gold. It has been proved that all this luggage was cleared from the airport.

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