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JAKARTA, – Chairperson of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Soekarnoputri said, his party will do a total regeneration in 2024. He said this when inaugurating 20 PDI-P DPD / DPC offices which were broadcast on Wednesday (7/22/2020).

“We will do a regeneration. It can be said that the total is in 2024,” Megawati said.

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As is known, in the coming 2024 legislative elections (Pileg) and president-vice presidential elections (Pilpres) will be held.

Because of this, Megawati reminded that the party offices were actually people’s homes. He wants the presence of PDI-P offices in the regions to strengthen party consolidation.

“I instructed and ordered that the house of the party, the house of the people must be maintained, maintained in order to be able to continue the good activities of the party meeting,” he said.

“I have also instructed that a party meeting must be conducted under a party DPP meeting so that our party consolidation continues to flow and runs well,” Megawati said.

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If the party’s consolidation with the people reaches a strong regional level, Megawati believes that the PDI-P will continue to “live” with the people.

He cited the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States (US) which still exists today.

“If that can be done, I am sure the life of the PDI-P can continue to live in the hearts of the people and be physically with the people,” he said.

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According to the 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia, the populist functions of the party office were increasingly pressing, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For Megawati, PDI-P must be able to attend to help the people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. He encouraged the PDI-P cadres to keep moving for the people.

“Make this party a pioneer party, a flame, a torch that continues to burn and provide guidance for our people,” he said.

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Through this virtual event, there are four party offices inaugurated for the provincial or DPD level. The four are, DPD PDI-P Bangka Belitung Islands Province, DPD PDI-P Central Kalimantan Province, DPD PDI-P Jambi Province and DPD PDI-P West Kalimantan Province.

Meanwhile, there are 16 party offices inaugurated for the district / city level or DPC. The sixteen offices, namely DPC PDI-P Karangasem Regency, DPC PDI-P Klungkung Regency, PDC-P DPC Katingan Regency, PDPC-P Gunung Mas Regency, DPC PDI-P Palangka Raya City, DPC PDI-P Palu City, DPC PDI-P Sorong Regency, and DPC PDIP Pasuruan Regency.

Then, DPC PDI-P Sikka Regency, DPC PDI-P Banggai Regency, DPC PDI-P Bangai Laut Regency, PDI-P City Mataram, DPC PDI-P Sarolangun Regency, DPC PDI-P Regency Kulon Progo, DPC PDI-P Banyuwangi Regency, and PDI-P DPC of Tuban Regency.

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