Malayalam News – What can an ordinary person do to boycott Chinese products? ‘An Indian Revenge’ is notable ‘Oru Indian Prathikaram’ is a short film on boycotting Chinese products | News18 Kerala, Film Latest Malayalam News


Scene from the short film

Lottery seller who represents the general public. There is something he clings to more than money in the pursuit of what his son has said; Patriotism. ‘An Indian Revenge’ is a short film that tells the story of an ordinary man who has benefited from a boycott of Chinese products. Hanif Kalabhavan plays the lead role.The country is strongly opposed to banning Chinese products and Chinese apps like Tick Tock. This short film ‘Indian Revenge’ shows the simplest thing that everyone can do in this encounter.

The caption ‘You and join the ranks with this Indian citizen’ is presented in a way that makes the viewers of this short film feel right. Written and directed by Mahesh Sharma, the film stars Haneef Kalabhavan and Master Amarnath S. And played the lead roles.

This short film is notable for the simple and important concept of Kalabhavan Haneef, who is well known through his many films. The movie was released by Mammootty.

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