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KUWAIT CITY: The Kuwait parliamentary high committee has approved a draft bill to implement a quota system for foreign nationals to limit the foreign population, similar to the indigenous population. Accordingly, there will be a significant reduction in the current foreign population. Almost 70% of Kuwait’s population is currently foreign. More than 30 lakh foreigners and 14.5 lakh foreign nationals.The new bill is aimed at eliminating about 15 lakhs of foreigners currently in the country. With the implementation of the fixed quota system for communities that are in the forefront of the overseas population, 15 percent of Kuwait’s population will be allowed to remain in the country. The rest will have to return.

Indians have the largest population in Kuwait’s foreign population. There are 14.5 lakh Indians here. With the introduction of the quota system, more than 800,000 people will be repatriated. Egypt, the Philippines and Sri Lanka are only allowed to continue to serve about 10 percent of Kuwait’s population.

Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam continue to remain at 3%. The committee is considering scrutiny of proposals in terms of constitutional provisions and the draft bill will be introduced in parliament and passed into law.TRENDING: Triple LockDown in Thiruvananthapuram | Everything you need to know about Triple Lockdown in Trivandrum [NEWS]Suhas’ Kovid fight with baby name changed Hibi Eden MP congratulates Ernakulam Collector [NEWS]Covid 19 | Concerns raised in Kochi Health safety auditing at the airport [NEWS]

The committee is also considering proposals for hiring only indigenous people in government jobs and government contracts, repatriating contract workers on expiry, and skipping unskilled workers and treating only graduates.

When the Kovid campaign started, there was a call for a reduction in the number of foreigners. Last month, Kuwait Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Saba proposed a reduction in the foreign population from 70 percent to 30 percent.

First published: July 6, 2020

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