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Kottayam: CPM has formulated a formula for joining the LDF faction of Jose K Mani faction who was expelled from the UDF. The CPM offered nine seats in the Assembly elections. A senior CPM leader had reached Kottayam and held discussions. The CPM’s move is to pave the way for Jose K Mani’s entry into the Rajya Sabha. The CPM proposed a merger with Scaria Thomas.Pala MLA Mani Si Kappan, who expressed concern over Jose K Mani’s coalition entry yesterday, welcomed the arrival of Jose K Mani. At the same time, he said he won the Pala seat and would not give up. Mani C Kappan said the LDF does not have a tradition of winning seats.

Front convener A has said that nothing can be said now about the taking of Jose K Mani’s party in the LDF. It is not. This can only be said after the LDF has consulted and formulated its opinion. A Vijayaraghavan said the Jose section should also clarify their stand.

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Meanwhile, Joseph told the media that Jose K Mani is not eligible to remain in the UDF. It is impossible to say now where Jose K Mani will go. It could be to the LDF and to the NDA, ā€¯Joseph said. No one who does not accept the UDF decision can stay in the front. He said that if he comes back as a good kid, he can take it.

First published: July 2, 2020

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