Lusi, Yodi Prabowo’s close friend at Metro TV’s Office Finally Appears

88 – Lusi, a close friend of the late Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo finally spoke to the media. After his name was dragged into the case of Yodi’s death suspected of suicide due to depression.

Police had revealed, Yodi has a close friend in the office to make a bad relationship with his future wife, Suci. However, the conflict was resolved properly between Saints and Lusi.

Lusi is no longer working at Metro TV. Because, his work contract is over.

“Indeed, previously there was a reduction in employees due to a pandemic, my contract did end in July,” he said when confirmed, Wednesday (29/7).

He did not want his career on Metro TV to be linked to Yodi Prabowo’s death. According to him, the reason for no longer working was because the contract was pure.

“The office did not extend the contract because of the reason there was a reduction in employees because of this pandemic,” he said.

While the matter of Yodi’s death, Lusi did not comment further. He claimed at this time his condition was not healthy. “Previously, I’m sorry sir, I’m not feeling well. I still need a break,” he concluded.

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The Director of the General Criminal Investigation (Dirreskrimum) of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Senior Commissioner Tubagus Ade Hidayat dismissed the allegations of romantic conflict as the motive for the death of Metro TV editor, Yodi Prabowo.

Based on the investigation results, the conflict between Yodi Prabowo’s girlfriend and close friend was over.

“S’s girlfriend and L’s close friend, there was a conflict between them, but it’s over,” Tubagus said at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, JakartaOn Saturday (7/25).

Therefore, Police suspect there are personal problems faced by Yodi to finally choose to end his life.

“It was found that the victim’s internal problems might have triggered whether depression,” explained Tubagus.


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