Land Rover Defender gets electric drivetrain


Twisted Automotive makes it a sport of Land Rover’s primal Defender as modern as possible. The latest achievement of the English car maker is the Nas-E, a fully electric variant of the previous Land Rover Defender.

Nas-E, it’s not a hip name for an oriental rice dish, but for a fully electric version of the previous Land Rover Defender. Twisted Automotive picks up the open version of the Defender 90, the short wheelbase variant, and scoops it into a fully electric drivetrain.

Twisted Automotive will produce a total of thirty copies of the fully electric Defender, a car that will be available as Nas-E and as Nas-E Plus. The first has a Remy Borg-Warner electric motor that is 214 hp and 380 Nm strong. The Nas-E Plus is a lot more powerful with 320 hp and 420 Nm. Both four-wheel drive versions have a 60 kWh battery pack with which a range of more than 320 kilometers must be possible. The loading opening of the 22 kW on-board charger is simply located at the rear right, where the fuel tank filling opening is normally located.

The English have done more than just install an electric drivetrain in the Defender. The Nas-E’s also have adapted dampers. However, the electric Defenders next to the asphalt must be just as capable as the illustrious original. Twisted Automotive gives its special offroaders an adapted braking system and equips the car with ABS and traction control. The Nas-E’s come in three colors, each of which, according to Twisted, represents a distinctive American landscape. The Yosemite is teal, the Malibu yellow and the Tahoe blue.

The standard equipment of the base Nas-E includes cream leather upholstery with Alcantara inserts, three front seats, alloy wheels, a roll cage, an unspecified infotainment system and air conditioning. The Nas-E Plus is mainly recognizable from the outside by its running boards and bullbar.

Twisted Nas-E Land Rover Defender

The starting price of the Nas-E in the United States is converted to € 160,000. You lose at least € 182,000 for the Nas-E Plus. If you order one now, you can expect your electric Defender at your doorstep in nine months.

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