KLM staff can receive a maximum of one and a half gross annual salary NOW


KLM staff who have been employed for more than ten years receive a gross monthly salary per year of service if they use the company’s voluntary departure scheme. There is a maximum of eighteen monthly salaries.

That has been announced by a KLM spokesperson. The registration for the voluntary departure scheme with the company expired on Sunday, more than 2,400 KLM employees have registered. That is about 8 percent of the total number of employees.

Some 33,000 people work at the KLM group, 2,600 of whom work at Transavia. That company has a separate departure scheme, which runs until the end of July.

At the beginning of June, KLM opened the departure scheme, which already existed on a modest scale, to all staff. “This arrangement anticipates necessary next steps,” the company said at the time, referring to a necessary reduction of the company and workforce.

As a result of the corona crisis, KLM has been able to operate fewer and fewer flights since the beginning of this year and at the peak of the crisis, about 90 percent of the aircraft were grounded. As a result, KLM had already said goodbye to a few thousand employees with a temporary contract as a result.

KLM hopes that this will limit the number of redundancies

By creating a voluntary departure scheme, KLM hopes to limit the number of redundancies. “KLM would rather say goodbye to employees who choose to do so than to colleagues who do not voluntarily choose to do so,” the company said in the announcement.

KLM did not limit the number of people who could register for the scheme. “It will be determined per function how much room can be accommodated.”

Personnel who have been employed for ten years or less receive a quarter of a month’s salary per year of service.

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