Iran: There was a fire in Natanz


Iran’s atomic energy organization said Sunday that the nuclear facility Natanz suffered “significant” damage after the fire, erupted at the site earlier in the week.

Agency spokesman Behroz Kamalvandi stressed that the incident would slow down the country’s development of modern centrifuges, adding that Tehran plans to replace the damaged building with a larger and better equipped.

Iran is installing new centrifuges in Natanz

From a new generation, they will enrich uranium much faster

Iran confirmed the incident on Thursday and is still investigating the cause. However, some Iranian officials say that the Israeli cyberattack is responsible for the fire.

The Natanz Uranium Enrichment Plant, covering 100,000 square meters and was built eight meters underground.

It is one of several Iranian facilities monitored by the UN nuclear regulator (International Atomic Energy Agency).

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