In NBA “bubble” matches in the stands, players will be supported by virtual spectators – Basketball


NBA management has announced that Orlando’s Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex will feature state-of-the-art grandstands.

In this way, the league will be able to ensure that about 300 fans watch each game from the stands. It is planned that only the upper part of human bodies will be visible on the stands screens. Virtual fans will appear in five rows on five-meter-long screens.

It is also planned that with the help of the league’s cooperation partners, during the games, the spectators will be able to watch the episodes from unprecedented angles. The grip of the shoes on the field and the communication between the players themselves will also be much better heard.

In order to create a feeling of the usual games, the sounds typical of NBA games – fan emotions and music – will be played during the duels.

“We’re working with live professionals and our technology partners to give fans an even brighter gaming experience. Each fan will have the opportunity to customize the options they like,” said Sarah Zukert, head of NBA’s television broadcasts.

The NBA season will resume on July 30 with 22 teams meeting at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando.

Until the beginning of the season, several test games are planned for the teams.

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