Idham Azis Dismiss Brigjen Prasetijo related to ‘Sakti Letter’ Djoko Tjandra – –


  1. Idham Azis Uninstall Brigadier General Prasetijo related to ‘Sakti Letter’ Djoko Tjandra –
  2. Photo of Jalan Djoko Tjandra Letter Submitted by MAKI to DPR KOMPASTV
  3. Inspector General Argo’s explanation about the Police Officer Road Maker for Djoko Tjandra
  4. IPW Calls a Road Letter to Djoko Tjandra Published by Criminal Investigation Police – Nasional
  5. Kabareskrim: If Proven, I Will Be Decisive Involving Persons Involved in Djoko Tjandra Street Letter! – National
  6. See Full Coverage on Google News

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