I am only friendly guarding the Šabatová domain, says its pirate competitor Kadeřávek


“I’ve been doing domain registrations for over twenty years. It’s a daily sandwich for me. I have registered thousands of them in my life and transferred them to my customers. It was a friendly reservation and I also told them, ”he told Kadeřávek News.

At the same time, he is willing to hand over the domain immediately when someone requests it, which no one from the team of former ombudswoman Anna Šabatová has done yet.

“I know it may sound strange, but it was done with the pure intention that no one else would abuse it, and moreover against it,” Kadeřávek explains, adding that he only wanted to look after the domain of Šabatová, which is running against him.

He didn’t want her to run against him

In the debate on Twitter, where the pirate’s move was discussed, however, Kadeřávek acknowledged a different motivation, namely that he did not want both of them to run in the same constituency. “I am not at all pleased that Shabbat is running against the Pirates, because I respect her. So even with this step, I hoped that he might change his mind, ”he wrote openly on the social network. But he does not consider his behavior to be coercion.

“There can be no pressure. I hoped that her team would join me and we would personally talk about the possibilities of mutual support, that she might run elsewhere so that two liberals would not go against each other, “said Kadeřávek.

He also denied that it was a form of self-visibility. According to him, he has an intensive campaign and most people in Brno city already allegedly know about it.

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